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Why insure your pet?

The never-ending energy and playfulness of your pet. Just living life without a care in the world. What a joy to see, isn’t it? But this also means that the health and safety of your pet is depending on how you move forward. During the life of an animal there’s a lot that can happen.What happens if your pet gets sick? Or has an accident? Can you provide the little critter with the best care without worrying about costs? You are responsible for your pet. A duty that lasts a lifetime. And that’s exactly why it is important to always have a plan in place. Starting right now.

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* with our Plus- or Totalpackage

Additional insurances

Take care of your pet

If you don’t want to expand your family (yet). Reimburse 50% of the costs. The maximum reimbursement is € 150 for dogs and € 75 for cats. Only with our Plus- or Totalpackage.

Reimbursement of 50% of the costs of treatment against tumors.
No extra worries in times of sadness. Reimburse 80% of the costs.

For when you want to travel carefree together. Reimburse 80% of the costs. The maximum reimbursement is €1.000 per insurance year.

Why we're the best choice for your pet

Our insurance is different because we work with vets. This is because we love pets just as much as you do. We have now grown into the largest pet insurance company worldwide.

Frequently asked questions

The Petplan policy conditions contain the general and special conditions. The general terms and conditions apply to all coverages. You can find our latest policy here

If your vet recommends a treatment of € 750 or more, you must request Petplan’s permission for this treatment, in advance, via the notification form.


You will receive a response from Petplan by email within 1 working day. You can only make an appointment with the relevant vet/specialist after receiving the confirmation. This notification obligation for medically necessary care is included in Article 5.6 of the Petplan policy conditions.


Submitting treatment costs and referrals.
You are always obliged to ask your vet about the treatment costs in advance. For treatments above €750,- you are obliged to send (a copy of) the cost estimate of the treatment and the medical file of your pet with the notification form. You should also pass on a referral to, for example, a specialist to Petplan. If you do not do this, a limited compensation may be applied. This obviously applies to non-urgent treatment. You can pass on urgent treatment as soon as this is possible.


How can you pass the notification on to Petplan?
Complete the notification form and submit it online along with the attachments. You can easily upload the attachments.

There is a waiting period for a pet insurance. Ailments or illnesses that arose before or during this waiting period will not be reimbursed. Also, any follow-up costs of ailments or illnesses that arose before or during the waiting period are not eligible for reimbursement. How long is the waiting period? A waiting period of 48 hours applies to care that is required after an accident. A waiting period of 30 days applies to illnesses and disorders. Within the packages Basic, Plus and Total, the insertion of the chip will be reimbursed during the waiting period, not in our Accidents Only package.
At Petplan you are able to make a claim in two possible ways: online or via Mijn Petplan. The easiest and quickest way to make a claim is via Mijn Petplan. With this you declare quicker, you always have information at hand and you can monitor the status of your claim.
When your pet sadly passes away the insurance policy ends immediately. Excess payments are refunded.
You can start claiming costs for preventive care right away. Costs made after an accident have a waiting period of 2 days before you can submit a claim. For sickness or conditions we impose a 30-day waiting period. Our insurance does not cover problems and complaints that emerge before or during the waiting period.
After acceptance the insurance becomes effective on the date of the application.
Yes, you’ll receive a 5% discount on the monthly fee for both animals.
An insurance policy has a duration of 1 year. After this period the insurance can be cancelled monthly
At the time you file your first claim your pet has to be microchipped. You can claim the costs of the chip through Petplan.
Yes, every pet is welcome. No matter what breed or cross-breed. Additional conditions apply for English and French Bulldogs and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

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